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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


MiM merujuk kepada kenyataan Zaid Ibrahim, bekas Pengerusi KITA. Beliau menyatakan hasrat untuk bertanding di Parlimen Pekan!

Beliau mendakwa mahu membantu parti pembangkang tetapi mengaku tidak mahu menyertai mana-mana parti  politik.

Beliau mempertikaikan cadangan Hadi Awang untuk bertanding di Pekan, satu risiko untuk seorang pemimpin tertinggi parti politik.

Beliau mahu bertanding di Pekan kononnya Najib Razak mewakili segala yang salah dalam Malaysia ini. Tetapi dalam masa yang sama, bekas Pengerusi KITA itu memuji Najib Razak kerana melakukan transformasi.

Kita tentu hairan dengan kenyataan veteran ahli politik yang sepatutnya lebih tahu senario politik negara ini. Najib Razak dipuji melakukan transformasi tetapi proses baikpulih dan transformasi itu memerlukan masa dan Najib Razak hanya baru satu penggal dan berdepan dengan mainan politik pembangkang yang tidak membantu proses transformasi itu.

Zaid Ibrahim sepatutnya bersama-sama Najib Razak untuk merealisasikan transformasi yang dipuji oleh bekas pengerusi KITA. Itu yang patut difikirkan oleh beliau.

Malangnya, dek kenyataan Zaid Ibrahim itu, beliau dilabelkan sebagai angkat bakul sendiri! Dalam masa yang sama, MiM sarankan kepada Zaid Ibrahim supaya berikan ruang dalam politik ini kepada orang yang lebih muda dan fresh.

Sila baca kenyataan Zaid Ibrahim : 
When a nice journalist from The Star asked me why I had decided to resign as KITA chief, I said that I wanted to focus on the General Election and leave the running of the party to all my friends. My health dictates that I do not suffer too much stress. I also said that in case Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang declined to contest against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak in Pekan, then I would gladly do so. 
This is not a desperate act to look for a seat to contest as some have claimed. It is also not true that I have applied to PKR or any Opposition party to be the Pekan candidate. I have said it before and I will say it again: I will not apply to any political party to be a candidate. 
I made this statement to tell the Malaysian public that I want to help the Opposition in any way I can. My party is too small and new to give me a credible platform. Hadi will face a tough time in Pekan, and I wonder why he should be put there at such risk.  
He is PAS President and for the sake of its own long-term viability, PAS cannot afford to have a President who loses in an election. That sort of risk, however, can be undertaken by someone who is not interested to be a Minister or national leader, and who is willing to contest just to move the country forward on the right footing. That person must also have the capacity to debate the Prime Minister on issues that are important to the country. 
I am interested to take on the Prime Minister because he represents all that is wrong with Malaysia today. Our country is divided, our poor are getting poorer and there is no sign that endemic corruption and abuse of power will abate any time soon. Najib has carried out some reforms and I have praised him for that, but it’s not enough. 
He still has “cowboy” Ministers in his Cabinet and politics have taken over our public institutions, which will only divide us further. He has no answers to these conundrums; if he has, he is afraid to implement them. 
I harbor no personal dislike towards Najib. In fact, I like him – not just for his good looks but for his politeness. It’s nothing personal. I just want an opportunity to articulate and debate with him on important national issues. 
I hope Opposition politicians will not respond to my offer in a small-minded way. They should not be afraid to engage me or to continue to badmouth me, as I am no threat to anyone. We have to be inclusive and united to make this country better.