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Monday, March 11, 2013


MiM merujuk kepada entri FB Analisis Politik Terkini yang menyiarkan kenyataan akhbar  Yuktes Vijay yang mendakwa pernah terlibat dalam kes Anwar liwat Saiful Bukhari.
The real story of Anwar’s Sodomy 2 ( Part 1) 
I read with anger the news that Saiful’s dad has joined PKR. I knew from day 1 that the party was devoid of any integrity but for it to scoop to this extent is just mind boggling. Now 
I was working with one of Anwar’s long time lawyers during the whole course of Sodomy 2 and was involved in A-Z of the trial itself, And when I mention A-Z, it means from meeting the forensic and DNA experts to reviewing of the documents to finding case laws for his submissions, I was involved in everything. 
I do not wish to mention the name of the lawyer here as I revere him as my mentor and I do not wish to drag him into this frustration and anger pouring of mine. 
Why Anwar never took the stand? 
Anwar claimed that he was never offered a fair trial. The truth is he was never brave enough to take the stand. He was never going to withstand the questions that were about to be put forward to his now ally Datuk Yusof. 
If you Pakatanians have doubt, why not ask him to these questions and get valid, acceptable and not logically challenging answers for it.

• Why did Anwar personally and specifically requested his Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Yaakob to send Saiful to the apartment carrying documents when there were other staffs there ; 
• How come Saiful was aware of the code name to enter the apartment which was “Mokhtar”, the name of Anwar’s security chief and brother-in-law? ; 
• Video evidence that was send to Gandhi Labs in New Delhi confirms the presence of the Saiful in the apartment so how can Saiful’s presence in the apartment be refuted ; 
• Why was Saiful afforded special treatment ie he was given his own room, privilege of following Anwar for overseas trips though he was a new staff ; 
• Anwar’s current aide, Najwan Halimi had previously e-mailed Anwar and told him about Saiful apparent afflictions to BN, why was the call not heeded by Anwar? 
Fearing that Anwar will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Prosecution, the defence team then decided to ask him not to take stand in the pretext that he was not offered a fair trial. Anwar excelled in conning, deceiving and cheating the public by assuming a Mandela like persona. He is no Mandela, merely a good con artist.

Fund for the overseas experts 
The surprising factor here is why no one has ever questioned the fees that were involved in paying the forensic experts, Dr Brian Macdonald and Dr David Wells. Contrary to what people of the general public have been made to believe, they were paid hefty sums to defend him. When they were here, they stayed in Shang-ri La Hotel for a number of days.

Where did the money to pay the hotels come from? Did Anwar pay from his own pocket? No, he does not even pay his lawyers. So, he had very rich Datuks funding him. I do know the name of the Datuk, but for the reasons known close to me I will not disclose the name. 
The problem is if PKR can throw questions as to the wedding expenditure of the Prime Minister, why not question where the money to pay these experts came from? If a former convict and a mere Opposition Leader can have Datuks funding his legal expences, what is wrong in having Datuks funding the wedding of the PM’s daughter? 
I don’t know much about Saiful. The only thing I can say is that the reason he was denied justice is that the Investigating Officer, Jude Perreira ignored the protocols told to him by Jabatan Kimia and decided to do his things his own way.
There were traces of Anwar’s DNA in his rectum. The only thing that stopped the judge from convicting Anwar was the “break in the chain of evidence”. I will write a full piece on this soon. This drama itself deserves a full piece write up. 
In a nutshell, there were evidence of Anwar’s semen in Saiful’s rectum. However, due to a break in chain of evidence and the question mark over the integrity of the samples, the evidence was not used.

So the judge had no other way of corroborating Saiful’s evidence.

Conclusion for Part 1 
Anwar is a consummate liar. He is using Saiful’s dad to play up his victim role in order to garner votes. We all know for a fact that since he got acquitted he has lost that bit of “charm” about him as he has nothing to yell about anymore. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned.

Remember Anwar Ibrahim, I grew up adoring you. I know your modus operandi and I aspired to be you. Sue me please. Let the public watch Anwar vs Anwar clone (which is me) in action.

And remember the e-mails, Astroboy? I have all of them saved. Come get me!

Yuktes Vijay
A former Anwarista, worked in Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial for defence council
MiM : Kita tunggu respons Anwar tentang pendedahan terbaru ini.


  1. Can you explain what happen to the CCTV that's suppose to record every movement in and out of the apartment?Why was the owner of the apartment who happens to be there is not being call as a witness?Why do they prosecuting team need to have Anwar's new DNA sample since Anwar had given his sample for his case in 1999.You just need to extract the DNA sample in Saiful anus and just compare to the existing sample.One more thing,if it's a genuine criminal case,why do the Wanita UMNO lead by Hamidah Osman is so busy going all over the country demanding Anwar to give his DNA sample?Why must a political party be involved in a case against their rival?That's why we believe the sodomy 2 case is a political case.

  2. pendedahan demi pendedahan apapun, terpulang kepada rakyat untuk memilih yang mana mahu mereka ambil sebagai pilihan mereka..
    bagi yang mahu berfikir menggunakan akal yang waras dan sempurna, merekah takan mempercayai anwar ibrahim ,kerana dia hanya mempergunakan emosi rakyat untuk mempercayainya..contoh seperti skrip MADU 3, kalu orang tanya, kamu hanya sebut KASIHAN..hanya sebut kasihan. Bukankah perkataan kasihan itu adalah dalam bentuk EMOSI??
    Anwar berjaya melakukannya dalam REFORMASI jalanan 1998..terlalu banyak byang dilakukannya hanya melalui lakonan untuk mencetuskan emosi rakyat yang KASIHAN
    melihat dirinya konon dizalimi..


  3. Counsel Yuktes Vijay, Anwar will NEVER sue you. He knows what will be laid out for him if he did that. He doesn't have the balls to do that. Papagomo, the blogger who made it open for Anwar to sue him, never gets sued. To a street blogger who to me, apparently, doesn't hold any law degree has made numerous calls for Anwar to sue him being ignored, let alone you.

    You can only hope he will sue. We know the story, and the plot he is going to act.

    Kudos to you Counsel Yuktes Vijay!

    Dln't be afraid to tell the truth,
    for the truth
    shall set you free!

  4. Walau apa bukti yang telah didedah atau pun bakal didedahkan, Syaitan yang bernama Anwar telah berjaya membutakan banyak mata mata yang sememangnya sudah separuh buta. Anwar bukan setakat menipu diMalaysia bahkan diseluruh pelusok dunia. Sebab itu saya mengangap Anwar adalah sejahat manusia yang pernah dilahirkan oleh bumi Malaysia bahkan dunia secara amnya. Syaitan ini boleh memperbodohkan semua orang dikalangan parti pembangkang tapi cuma seorang saja dikalangan pemimpin parti pembangkang yang berani hentam Anuar secara lansung dan dia jugalah yang mampu mengajar Anwar untuk terus senyap kerana semuaq rahsia betapa jijiknya Anwar ada pada tangan nya - orang berkenaan adalah Karpal Singh

  5. Pendedahan yg menarik. Konspirasi lagi? PM Najib memang bodohlah kalau nak konspirasi lg considering the repercussion in Liwat 1 (yg akhirnya " dibebaskan disebabkan kesilapan teknikal walaupun hakim percaya liwat berlaku"). Masih menunggu keputusan bertulis utk Liwat 2 terutama Saiful's vivid account of the incident, cctv dan cross -checked DNA result.
    Kebenaran akan terbukti jua.