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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Datuk Seri Najib Razak membidas Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai seorang tidak berprinsip kerana mungkir janjinya menghormati sebarang bentuk keputusan pilihan raya, selepas bekas naib presiden Indonesia Jusuf Kalla turut membuat tuduhan sama hari ini. 
Kenyataan Najib tersebut hadir selepas laporan Wall Street Journal (WSJ) memetik Jusuf menuduh Anwar memungkiri perjanjian damai dengan membantah keputusan Pilihan Raya 2013. 
“Ada pemimpin pembangkang telah berjanji dan telah menandatangani perjanjian untuk terima keputusan pilihan raya tetapi apabila keputusan pilihan raya tidak memihak kepadanya, dia telah menolak sesuatu yang telah dijanjikan,” kata perdana menteri penggal kedua itu di sini hari ini merujuk kepada Anwar semasa menyampaikan ucapan di Festival Belia disini. 
“Itu bukan cara kita, kita mesti ada prinsip dan ikut peraturan,” tambahnya lagi. 
Akhbar antarabangsa WSJ mengeluarkan wawancara dengan ketiga-tiga pihak mengesahkan kewujudan perjanjian damai itu, serta memetik Jusuf mendakwa telah menelefon Anwar sehari selepas pilihan raya 5 Mei lalu dan menggesa ketua pembangkang menghormati komitmen dan “melihat realiti” seterusnya
Di bawah adalah laporan penuh The Wall Street Journal yang mendedahkan Anwar mungkir janji perjanjian damai :
Behind Malaysian Poll Protest, a Peace Deal That Collapsed 

JAKARTA, Indonesia—A former Indonesian vice president with a history of brokering peace agreements has accused Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of reneging on a secret deal to respect the outcome of Malaysia's elections on May 5.

Jusuf Kalla revealed the pre-election accord in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, amid a public protest campaign by Mr. Anwar over what the opposition leader said was widespread vote fraud by the ruling National Front coalition. The election returned Prime Minister Najib Razak and the long-ruling National Front to power in the tightest national election in Malaysian history.

Mr. Kalla said the two candidates—whom he said he considered friends of his going back decades—had madea written agreement in April to refrain from personal attacks during the campaign and to accept the outcome, in a deal first proposed by Mr. Anwar.

Mr. Anwar acknowledged he had made the pact with Mr. Najib, with Mr. Kalla as mediator, but said the National Front had rendered it void by the way it ran its campaign.

He singled out Malaysia's media, much of which is controlled or owned by the government or members of the ruling coalition. "How can you talk reconciliation when you demonize your opponent in this manner?" Mr. Anwar said to The Wall Street Journal. He also said it was Mr. Kalla, not him, who first proposed the pact.

Mr Najib stressed reconciliation in his first public remarks after the election, though both sides said that the other had rejected a clause in the pact that the winner was to offer the loser a role in a "reconciliation government."

Mr. Najib's camp confirmed that the agreement was made and dismissed Mr. Anwar's view that it had been undermined by the campaign—during which both sides accused the other of low blows and distortions. Mr. Anwar had strong support among Malaysian Web-based media during the campaign.

Mr. Kalla said he felt that  both sides met their commitment to refrain from personal attacks during the campaign, and he hasn't criticized Mr. Najib over the conduct of the election.

Mr. Anwar said he plans to step up a legal campaign to overturn the results in 29 electoral districts, raising political tensions in Malaysia, which has grown increasingly divided in the aftermath of the election.

Mr. Anwar, a former deputy prime minister who has been the country's most prominent opposition leader for the past 15 years, has led a national campaign of mass rallies since the election. The scene has grown increasingly confrontational. Three prominent opposition activists were detained and later released in the past week.

In the weeks before the election, Mr. Anwar alleged that the National Front and Malaysia's Election Commission were manipulating electoral rolls and mobilizing illegal voters. On May 5, Mr. Anwar said his alliance had won and accused the National Front of stealing the election.

The National Front and the Election Commission rejected the allegations of electoral fraud. The Commission said there were extremely few irregularities, and that a record 85% of voters cast ballots.

Mr. Anwar said he is pessimistic that courts would overturn results in key districts.

The final vote count showed that Mr. Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat alliance won a majority of the popular vote, but Mr. Najib's coalition won heavily in many rural constituencies, where he has strong popular support, to emerge with a 21-seat parliamentary majority.

Mr. Kalla said that the outcome of the balloting, held on a Sunday, was clear. "We had a commitment,'' he said. "On Monday, I asked Anwar to accept it and look at reality. But they said, 'No, no, no, no.' ''

Mr. Kalla said Mr. Anwar approached him about an agreement two months ago, and they met at his Jakarta home. Mr. Anwar asked him to reach out to his opponent and secure his commitment for a peaceful election outcome, Mr. Kalla said.

At the time, Mr. Anwar was leading in voter surveys in Peninsular Malaysia, where most of the country's 29 million people live. A victory by his alliance—a collection of Islamists, a mostly ethnic Chinese party and the largely urban secular party he leads—would have been an earthquake to an establishment controlled since 1957 by the coalition that Mr. Najib now leads.

Mr. Kalla had brokered peace agreements in various conflicts across the troubled Indonesian archipelago during his time as vice president from 2004 to 2009, and had roles in peace negotiations in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

He said that he shuttled back and forth between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, meeting the opposition leader and Mr. Najib.

"Mr. Anwar sought Jusuf Kalla's assistance to secure a mutual agreement between BN [Barisan Nasional, the National Front] and [Pakatan Rakyat] stating that both sides agreed to accept the results of the general election, even in the event of a slim majority by either side,'' an adviser to Mr. Najib said. "The prime minister reiterated privately to Jusuf Kalla and in public before the election that BN would respect the will of the people and accept the election results, even if the opposition wins.''

Mr. Anwar said Mr. Kalla reached out to him to offer his assistance in ensuring an orderly outcome to the elections. "There were many friends around the region who were concerned about the transition of power and whether it would be peaceful," he said.

Both candidates had pasts rich with fodder for personal attacks during the campaign. Mr. Anwar spent nearly six years in prison on sodomy and corruption convictions after failing to unseat his one-time mentor, Mahathir Mohamad, in 1998. The sodomy charge was overturned, and he was later acquitted on a second sodomy trial. Mr. Anwar consistently denied the charges.

Mr. Najib, meanwhile, has been subject to rumors widely disseminated in the media—which he has denied—that he had an affair with a Mongolian model and translator who was later murdered. Two police officers were convicted in the murder. Mr. Najib hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing.

Mr. Kalla said he fears that the longer the dispute between the two political leaders goes on, the divisions in Malaysia—among factions in the majority Malay Muslim group and between Malays and the ethnic Chinese minority—will harden and perhaps lead to violence. Malaysia was racked by race riots in 1969 and Mr. Kalla's neighboring country, Indonesia, has suffered repeated outbreaks of sectarian violence.

—Celine Fernandez in Kuala Lumpur contributed to this article.


  1. kulit babi si BABI....

  2. Siapa suruh percaya dengan janji seorang peliwat, penzina, pro-LGBT, pro-murtad dan anak didik Yahudi? Kan dah kena tipu.

  3. Bersumpah pun pada dia tak penting... Berjanji apatah lagi..

  4. Kah kah kah..suka hati dia la..keh keh keh kuang kuang kuang..


  6. Mesti la ada sebab dia mungkir janji..jgn dapat maklumat dr satu pihak je,kita perlu jg dapatkan maklumat dr pihak yg satu lagi..lepas baru boleh buat ulasan..itu le bezanya penyokong pr dgn pencacai..

  7. yusuf kalla ni banyak kerabatnye kat benut.dia ni org bugis sedarah ngan sultan johor.selalu gak dia turun johor gi sekolah madrasah bugisiah kat benut tu.rasamye dia nak tolong anwar ke?

  8. Eeiii...bangangnya si pencacai pembangkang 1:24 !! Nampak sgt lu malas baca!!

    Lu baca la full statement article Wall Street Journal tu...kan dah explain! Atau lu tak tau baca bahasa Inggeris kot!!

    Kahkahkah...kan dah kena bangang sekali!!

    1. Baca tk baca sama je..wa tetap sokong anwar wa tahu anwar d pihak yg benar..penyokong tegar katakan..sbb apa?sesiapa saja sahabat anwar yg belot pasti akn kaya raya..dh byk bukti..kat tempat gua pun ada sekor..jd apa maknanya..lu keluar la apa saja hujah bg gua semua nya karut sbb wa ada bukti bro..lu org setakat baca majalah je..

  9. begitulah manusia 2alam...bercakappun putar alam...2bulan lalu mintak komitmen terima keputusan damai.....mungkin nuor ingat dia pasti menang...dia takut org Umno mengamuk kononnya....

    Alhamdulillah..masih ramai org Melayu beriman menolak pemimpin tak berakhlak...

    Yg mengamuk dia..tak dpt jadi pm..dah berangan tu la gila meroyan...

  10. Dia dah pukul canang seluruh dunia bahawa dia akan jadi PM selepas PRU13, pasal tu kita tengok ada slogan INI KALILAH. Tapi keputusan PRU13 dia kalah, mana dia nak letak muka, mahu tak mahu dia buat cara lain macamana dia bolih menang dan jadi PM, Kerana tulah dia meroyan kesana kesini.

  11. Tanda orang munafik, apabila berjanji dia mungkir

  12. anon 1.52 am
    pencacai pembangkang memang bangang.
    kalu tak dorang tak kan sokong babi tu.
    babi tu najis muhalazah, haram sokong sibabi tu tapi pencacai tu semua bodoh tu sebab masih tetap sokong.
    bagi ape pun hujah, hati hitam legam mana nak terima.
    bodoh punye binatang

  13. Anwar ni satu dia cakap 10 tak boleh pakai....dulu masa dia dlm abim dia janji dgn jemaah abim takan join umno.....tapi dia mungkiri janji dia masuk umno dgn alasan dia akan membawa umno kearah islam........kepala hotak dia tun m dah tawar jawatan ...apa lagi takan nk lepas peluang masa dia jadi menteri kewangan berapa ramai dia berjaya mengkaya kan kroni2 dia sampai satu tahap .....ramai dikalangan ahli menteri umno dh tahu aktiviti songsang dia.....mereka dh report pd tun m...tapi tun m tk percaya tun m sangkakan mereka cemburu dgn anwar ibrahim.....sampai la masa tun m trpaksa juga siasat sbb trlampau byk benda buruk yg sampai ditelinganya sampai la krisis ekonomi 1997 tun m melihat anwar tidak pandai menyelesaikan masalah ekonomi dlm masa yg sama tun m telah .enghantar spy utk menyiasat perkara sebenar mmg ternyata anwar terlibat dgn aktiviti songsang tun m teramat kecewa dgn anwar krn dia adalah pelapis dan peganti beliau utk tidak memalukan kan anwar tun m telah mengadakan mesyuarat tergempar majlis tertinggi umno sebulat suara memecat anwar pd mlm itu....aku sendiri terpengaruh dgn anwar semasa anwar dipecat anwar telah membohongi rakyat mngatakan ini adalah kospirasi umno utk jatuhkan dia...semangat reformasi beliau berjaya memikat hati org ramai termasuk aku....tapi itu dulu skrg tidak lagi aku dh kenal siapa pukimak anwar ibrahim talam dua mukA.....perasaan dendam beliau pd tun m mash blm terpadam umno yg jadi mangsa......percayalah perjuangan anwar hari ini bkn la perjuangan rakyat beliau tidak ikhlas membEla rakyat ini adalah dendam utk menghancurkan umno......klu tidak percaya buatla solat istikarah lapangkan hati anda sblm solat istikarah buat beberapa kali letak diri anda di tengah2 .....insyaalah anda akan dpt jawapanya

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