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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Media Barat, The Telegraph mendakwa telah menerima rekod komunikasi lengkap MH 370 sebelum pesawat itu hilang. Boleh percayakah?

Sila baca :

The entire 54 minutes of cockpit communication aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight can be revealed, from its taxi on the runway to its final message at 1.07am of 'all right, good night' 
The Telegraph has obtained the full communication record of MH370, including the crucial moments in the lead-up to the disappearance of the Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers. 
It reveals the messages relayed between the cockpit and air traffic controllers during the period when the plane is believed by investigators to have already been sabotaged. 
As the search continues for possible wreckage of the aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, the transcript marks a further piece of evidence in the baffling mystery of flight MH370. 
It shows that – according to numerous experts – the two-way banter between Fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot, and air traffic controllers was “perfectly routine”. 
Only two features stand out as potentially odd. 
The first was a message delivered by the cockpit at 1.07am, saying that the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. This message was unnecessary as it repeated a call that had already been delivered six minutes earlier.
Steve Landells, a former British Airways pilot who flew Boeing 777s, told The Telegraph that this second message was not required but he did not regard it as suspicious. 
“It could be as simple as the pilot forgetting or not being sure that he had told air traffic controllers he had reached the altitude,” he said. 
“He might be reconfirming he was at 350 [35,000 feet]. It is not unusual. I wouldn’t read anything into it.” 
The other odd feature, which is one of the reasons for suspicions that the plane’s disappearance was deliberate, was that its loss of communications and sharp turn westward occurred during the handover from air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur to those in Ho Chi Minh Ciry. 
Two minutes after the final message, the transponder was disabled. 
" If I was going to steal the aeroplane, that would be the point I would do it,” Stephen Buzdygan, a former British Airways pilot who flew Boeing 777s, told The Telegraph. 
“There might be a bit of dead space between the air traffic controllers … It was the only time during the flight they would maybe not have been able to be seen from the ground.” 
But the run of messages between MH370 and the ground involved routine calls between the cockpit and air traffic controllers and gives no hint of the drama that was to follow. It is believed Hamid, as co-pilot, was the sole communicator. 
From his sign-in at 12.36 when the plane was still on the ground, Hamid, a 27-year-old flying enthusiast, gave routine accounts of the plane’s location, ascent and altitude. 
Though he took a slightly casual approach and at times departed from formal wording, nothing in his banter gives any sign that the plane was about to fly off course and disappear. 
“The communication up until the plane went to the changeover [to Vietnam] sounds totally normal,” Mr Buzdygan said. “That kind of banter – I’ve done it hundreds of times. It is perfectly normal." 
The Telegraph has repeatedly asked Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority and the office of Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak to confirm the communications record; only the prime minister's office responded, saying it would not release this data.
Bolehkah kita percaya dengan laporan The Telegraph ini?

Kerana sebelum ini, media barat telah dibidas kerana berat sebelah : KLIK SINI


  1. Jgn. nak percaya media besar Barat-ZIONIS mahupun si rejim Australia PENIPU itu!

    Yg. herannya kenapa MAS tak dikesan dr. awal, oleh satellite spy-kongsi Australia/CIA di Australia mahupun pengkalan US di Diego GarCIA, walaupun CIA dah yakin MAS melintasi atau terhempas di Lautan Hindi sebelum ini! Disyaki cebisan pesawat kalau jumpa, dibawa dr. Diego Garcia spt. yg. telah diramalkan Cabal Times dlm 'poll' dan artikelnya, dr. awal lagi!

    Lihat pengkalan tentera US di Diego GarCIA telah membatalkan semua penerbangan selama 3 HARI pd. hari MAS hilang (walau pengkalan Diego GarCIA ini juga ada 2,000 pekerja bukan tentera contohnya kontaktor dll – tapi latarbelakang dan pergerakan pekerja-pekerja ini dan pelawat -pelawat ditapis/dikawal dgn. ketat, dan kenderaan bermotor persendirian tak dibenarkan; lihat di,P4_INST_TYPE:930%2CINSTALLATION )!

    Maka, K’jaan kita JANGANlah nak PERCAYA sgt. si KAPIR DAJAL Intelligence FBI/CIA/Pentagon-MI6-NATO (Barat) (yg. sebenaqnya sudah dikuasai Mossad-Israel/ZIONIS)! CIA dan ejen tempatannya dr. PENGGANAS Red Bean serta PEMBANGKANGPELIWATSONGSANG, tak habis-habis nak mengalih perhatian dari DIEGO GARCIA di tengah Lautan Hindi! Dan pi MAMPOSlah si DALANG-DUA-MUKA White HouseZIONIS itu!

    Lagipun, hairan betul media-media besar Barat-Zionis terutamanya CNN, tak lansung bangkitkan kenapa pengkalan militari US di Diego GarCIA ini, dgn. sistem satelit yg. pasti amat canggih, tak dapat kesan lansung MAS di RADARnya, kalau kononnya melintasi Lautan Hindi ke atas Kepulauan Andaman dari awal lagi!

    Sedgkn tentu pengkalan militari US ini akan memantau seluruh Lautan Hindi di RADARnya utk. kemungkinan ia disasarkan ‘teroris’ melaui laut atau udara, termasuk melalui peluru berpandu (yg. takkan ada radar pun). Tapi CIA/Pentagon sebelum ini tahu pula MAS dah ‘terhempas’ di Lautan Hindi – sekarg. dah nafi pula! Lihat di di, Kenapa Satellite Amerika Gagal Kesan MH370? , March 15, 2014; dan, A MILITARY HIJACK BY AMERICAN AWACS PLANES (over patent rights owned by a Rothschild)?;, DIEGO GARCIA : SATU KEBARANGKALIAN, Mac 20, 2014; dan, MH370: Masuk Hari ke-14 Kehilangannya- Sebenarnya Amerika Tahu Di Mana Pesawat Itu, 20 March 2014;, Could vital info be Down Under?, By HARIS HUSSAIN AND FARRAH NAZ KARIM, 19 March 2014 !

    Lihat di

    Flight MH370 Mystery. Diego Garcia Suspended All Flights On March 8th for 72 hrs.

    March 19, 2014
    (Before It's News)

    By now, it should be obvious to people they are hiding something in Diego Garcia. The latest info just piles on top of a mountain of evidence that flight 370 is in a hangar in Diego Garcia.

    ….Notice they have completely erased all posts between March 6th, and March 9th. There is some very weird stuff going on down in creepy Diego Garcia, a place where the US operates completely independant of the constitution.

    Edit to add, here is a link to the Diego Garcia Passenger facebook page with the March 8th flight schedule. Notice all other flight schedules throughout the month all had several flights schedules. The fact that no flight were scheduled for 3 days during the time MH370 went missing, all maintenance crew most likely were off on leave. Great time to sneak in an aircraft.

    Makcik Sambal Belacan.

  2. Telegraph is a zionist controlled media.
    Dont believe crappy news

  3. Malaysia sedang dibuli barat lalnat

  4. Mcm kes Altantuya ja....
    mayat diletupkan utk tutup kes...
    Main wayang beyul puak2 ni...